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Upper Back

Stretch 1

Standing or seated, cross both arm and rest hands on opposite shoulders while drawing chin towards chest.
It sends the breath in the upper and middle back, thus releasing tension along this area. Take 10-15 breaths then inhale to lift head back up and release arms by your sides.

Stretch 2

“T”,”Y”, “I” exercise: Stand with your back against the wall, feet hip width apart and shoulders relaxed. Begin raising arms laterally with back of the hands to the wall and come to a “T” arm position. Take a few breaths here, then continue raising arms into a “Y” position and then finally “I”. Always keeping shoulders relaxed away from the ears and back of the hands, elbows and shoulder blades against the wall. Slowly release arms down beside the body.

Stretch 3

Seated on a chair, fold forward to go grab the 2 legs of the chair making sure to cross your arms. Then, keeping the hands stable, as you exhale, activate the arms as though you pull upwards. Keep the head, face and jaw relaxed. Hold the stretch for 5-10 breaths and then press into your feet, inhale to raise the torso back up. If feeling dizzy, press above your upper lip with your index finger.

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