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Sunscreen In A Pill?

What is Astaxanthin? It is a reddish-colored natural pigment in the family of carotenoids often found in crustaceans, wild fish, some animals and plants with a red color. Examples are shrimps, lobsters and wild salmons. This molecule comes from certain algae, plankton and microorganisms. Some species rely primary on these type of food. Astaxanthin not only confers the pink color to these aquatic species but also strengthens their bodies.

Astaxanthin has several benefits. It has, among other things, an antioxidant action that protects the DNA from the effects of oxidation and radiation. In addition, it has an anti-inflammatory action designed to block the COX-2 enzyme making it a very interesting molecule for all inflammatory diseases. It would also improve sports performance by increasing both recovery after physical exertion and fat burning.

That's not all, Astaxanthin helps protect the skin from the inside. Consuming it on a regular basis prepares the skin to effectively fight against the negative effects of exposure to the sun. Unlike sunscreens applied topically, it does not block UV. Therefore it does not stop the synthesis of Vitamin D but rather protects against damage from the sun.

How to consume it?

It is important to note that to benefit from the protective effect mentioned above, it is not sufficient to consume seafood products such as krill oil, shrimp, lobster, wild salmon, mackerel and others red fish. You must consume dietary supplements containing this molecule in order to access adequate concentration levels. The source must be natural and not synthetic. It is important to know that farmed salmon are fed synthetic astaxanthin which gives them a lower astaxanthin content when compared with wild salmon.

In order to enjoy sun exposure without taking risks for the health of your skin, Astaxanthin will be your ally in addition to external sun protection, of course!

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