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At Spa Vert, we pride ourselves on the quality of our service offered. Each one of our therapists are skilled in different bodywork techniques and apply their special talent offering exceptional results. All our therapists are certified and able to give insurance receipts.

Massage Therapists

Gilian C | Anja W | Catherine D | Cedrine L | Diane C | Enrique A | Katherine B | Kathleen R | Minerva M | Muriel D | Patricia M | Tara M | Anna T | Faon S

Muriel D

Muriel was a psychomotor therapist (equivalent to occupational therapy) in France for 8 years before moving to Quebec where she retrained in massage therapy. She graduated at the Hito Center in 2004 after completing reflexology in Guijek in 2003 and Muriel continued studying different modalities including deep tissue, chair massage, fasciatherapy, massage for pregnant women as well as for children with special needs and she will be soon trained in cupping. Muriel listens to your body and will help guide and support you to reconnect the body and mind for you to regain balance and feel free of tensions. She looks forward to seeing you.

Gilian C

A frequent traveler, I first became interested in the world as a whole. After getting massaged in different latitudes, I wanted to deepen my approach to the human body. Back in Montreal, I received training at Ikra School in Swedish massage (to relax the muscles and the body), sports massage (for a deep, strong massage) and therapeutic massage (to help the wounds to heal), as well as Chinese cupping training to stimulate circulation and the blood system.

Enrique A

Originally, I am a sculptor artist who works with clay since more than 20 years. That’s how I developed a big sens of the touch and an excellent dexterity. Harmonie, well-being and creativity are part of my personality. Trust, respect and listening are the heart of my approach, as well as the need to give and to help. My base technique is Swedish massage, which I have completed with formations on deep tissue, shiatsu, muscular decongestion et chair massage.

Katherine B

She started with Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, and since then has also completed Shiatsu, Lymphatic Drainage, Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, Thai Yoga and Cupping. She enjoys combining her techniques to meet the individual needs of each client. Her goal is to work with you to release tension that is being stored in your body and to bring you into a state of deep relaxation, leaving you feeling restored and re-energized.

Minerva M

Minerva Merchant (Mimi) is a certified massage therapist who studied massage techniques at both IKRA and Guijek Institute in Montreal. She can offer clients Swedish massage, deep tissue, chair massage as well as massage for pregnant women. Mimi is also a certified Reiki practitioner. Her personalized approach offers clients a blend suited to their needs for an enriching and comforting massage experience. For Mimi, massage therapy is the art of therapeutic touch, which is a process that takes skill and intuition.

Lori C

Lori Chase is a massotherapist graduating from the Kiné-Concept academy in a 2010 and has completed formation at the Edith Serei Academy for lymphatic drainage, Leduc manual with honors in 2012 and is specialized in Swedish massage, therapeutic massage, sports,pre-natal, hot stone or relaxation massage, lymphatic drainage and fasciatherapy with the FQM in 2016. She is able to treat different problems of the, skeletal, articular-muscular, and organic problems while focusing on the nervous system. Her therapeutic and deep tissue massage targets pains deeply. Lori also encourages a full body relaxation to complement all types of massages as a way to complete your massage. You may want to consider 2-hours for a full body therapeutic massage. Lori is a member of Fédération Québécoise des Massothérapeutes (FQM), which entitles her to issue insurance receipts.

Isabelle N

After completing her Bachelor in Sociology and Human Relations, Isabelle Nazon, was looking for a more hands on approach to helping people, so she went on to study Traditional Chinese Medicine at the NHC where she specialized in Acupressure, Reiki , Reflexology and became a Natural Health Consultant. Isabelle is always looking to enrich her knowledge and techniques such as adding Deep Tissue Massage and Cupping to her tool kit, in order to treat her clients from head to toe, body, mind, and spirit.

Diane C

Is a grounded and nurturing bodyworker with a firm and unique style that combines Eastern and Western techniques to effectively relieve pain and stress, promote relaxation and help revitalize her clients, bringing a sense of wellness and wholeness. Her passion is to help individuals reconnect within their body. Diane is a certified massage therapist, graduating from Guijek Institut Québécois pour la santé intégrale in Shiatsu and a member of the Fédération Québécoise des Massothérapeutes.

Dominic T

Certified : Ayurveda Practitioner / Ayurvedic Massage Therapist / Yoga instructor

In 2010 Dominic left the corporate and business world to follow an instinctive yet powerful calling that defines him today. In 2009, while under the rigours and stresses of running his own successful food business, he decided to become a certified yoga instructor. After selling his business, he left everything behind to explore the roots of yoga and Ayurveda in India. He obtained his first certification as an Ayurvedic Massage Therapist from the mentoring hands of two Ayurvedic doctors in northern India. Upon his return to Montreal, he had all things Ayurveda on his mind.

His memorable trip and intense connection to this healing art touched on something that moved and inspired him deeply. He had found his passion. He wanted to learn more.

Luckily, he didn’t have to travel half way around the world again. An Ayurveda spa and wellness center, owned and run by a 4th generation Ayurvedic Vaidya (a senior scholar) was literally around the corner. In December 2013, Dominic graduated as a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and Lifestyle consultant. He has recently completed advanced studies focusing on disease, pathology, and treatment in Boston, MA.

Other things about Dominic: curious, conscientious, patient, communicative, creative, sensitive, professional, dedicated, service-oriented, driven by heart and caring.

Geneviève P

Genevieve is passionate about health & especially the art of finding balance on all planes. (physical, mental, emotional, mental & energetic) Her goal is to give tools and assist people in taking care of themselves and in so doing, giving them back their power. She offers massages and private yoga therapy sessions based on sound knowledge learned via her bachelor degree in Exercise Science, 1000 hours of massage courses, 300 hours of yoga therapy courses & also on over ten years of experience.

Kathleen R

Kathleen has been with Spa Vert since 2011. She started her career as a therapist in 2003. Certified in Swedish massage. She was a teacher assistant for two years before she taught Swedish Massage at Edith Serai in 2006. She also studied fascia therapy, lymphatic drainage, prenatal therapy and Gentle Yoga Teacher Training. Graduated as a health care assistant(PAB) and is studying Reiki.

Catherine D

Enrique Aguilar À l’origine je suis un artiste sculpteur qui travaille avec l’argile depuis plus de vingt ans. J’ai ainsi développé un grand sens du toucher et une excellente dextérité.
L’harmonie, le bien-être et la créativité font partie de ma personnalité. La confiance, le respect et l’écoute sont au cœur de mon approche, tout comme le besoin de donner et d’aider. Ma technique de base est en massage suédois, que j’ai complété avec des formations complémentaires en tissus profonds, shiatsu sur table, techniques de décongestion musculaire et massage sur chaise.

Karine L

Karine drifted away from translation, her former profession to become a massotherapist in 2010. She awoke to holistic therapies after receiving an energetic treatment, and then decided to study the Body, Being and Heart therapy, a manual and holistic technique which has a global approach of the body. In 2009, she started training in Californian massage and has never stopped refining her technique since.

Patricia M

Patricia is certified in Kinetic Swedish Massage and Chair Massage at Kiné Concept Institute in Montreal and a member of the Fédération Québécoise des Massothérapeutes.
She is very passionate and focused on results, her goal is to alleviate muscle tensions, pain, stress and to promote wellness and relaxation. Experience the benefits with her authentic technique.

Tara M

Tara MacDonald graduated in swedish kinetic massage (Kiné-Concept, 2005) and is a member of the Fédération Québécoise des Massothérapeutes (F.Q.M). She continued her studies at Dragon & Phoenix (2007), earning her the title of shiatsu therapist. She is also specialized in prenatal massage (2006) and excels in helping future mothers eliminate discomfort caused by pregnancy. In addition she has studied deep flow and trigger points.

Osteopathic Approach

Sarah M | Claudia N

Osteopathic Approach

Sarah M | Claudia N

Sarah M

Sarah is an osteopath since 2014, graduated from the Collège d'Études Ostéopathiques de Montréal. She holds an exhaustive training allowing her to treat any type of client: baby, pregnant woman, elderly person, athlete or adult. Sarah practices osteopathy with attention and humility.

Claudia N

"Osteopathy is based on the perfection of nature’s work." Using soft techniques such as: myofascial, circulatory, lymphatic, visceral and cranial sacral; Claudia considers the body in its entirety and structures her treatments for optimal function of all systems.



Anja W
Anja W

Anja W

Naturopath and Massage therapist since 1995, I practice Lymphatic Drainage, Reflexology and Shiatsu as well as Energy Medicine including Breath and Sound Therapy.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy

Anna T | Mimi C
Anna T | Mimi C

Mimi C

With over 40 years of teaching in fitness and personal training, Mimi has a wide breadth of knowledge and experience. Her education started at McGill University and continued with Om Studio New York, Dr Bali, Stott pilates, exhale studio and 6 yoga journals. She is creative and inspirational and easily meets the needs of the clients with her personal approach.

Anna T

Trained in Swedish Therapeutic Massagem, and holding two Yoga Teacher Trainings in Hatha and Kundalini traditions, my passion has always been about helping clients find their proper structural alignment. Over the past 10 years my technique as a massage therapist has evolved into a unique soulful blend that ranges from relaxation to deep tissue. The goal of each massage is to bring clients back to their center, and to recall how magical it feels grounded in the body and breath.

Marie C

Marie strongly believes in the importance of reconnecting our minds to our bodies to alleviate the physical and emotional stress we are constantly put through. Since her graduation from Kiné-Concept Institute in 2012, her mission is to help people find this connection through her massages. The combination of her Swedish and Deep Tissues techniques allow her to attune her treatments to the different needs of her clients.

Faon S

Following a long career as a circus acrobat with the 7 fingers, Cirque du Soleil and many companies around the world, the passion of researching the ultimate balance of a healthy body, always ready to push its limits, is only growing for me.

I am passionate about the homeostasis of each body, curious to discover its compensatory mechanisms, listening to its needs by welcoming the release of tensions or by proposing a therapeutic deep tissue work.

I have graduated from the Kiné-Concept massage therapy school in 2009 and followed advanced courses in fasciatherapy and prenatal massage. By the nature of things, I have been privileged to have a good clientele of high performance athletes, including many circus performers and dancers.

I am also a student in Osteopathy at the College of Osteopathic Studies of Montreal.

Looking forward to meeting you and working together to release your tensions!

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