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Manifesting your intentions

When you are manifesting your intentions, take into consideration the direction you face as you can capture the directional vibration. it is useful to go outside and let the wind help in this endeavor.

North corresponds to the elements of earth. face north for health issues, healing of the body, spirituality, increasing or developing your intuition, using some type of divination, for transcending the physical and trying to communicate with someone telepathically, and in asking for guidance from whom ever or whatever you call your higher power. this is the most powerful direction.

South corresponds to the element of fire. face south for love issues, relationships of any kind, creative and artistic pursuits, anything of a romantic or emotional nature.

East corresponds to the element of air. face east for career issues, strength, clarity, new business opportunities, financial matters and any endeavour requiring extra energy, healing of the mind, new beginnings.

West corresponds to the element of water. face west for letting go and moving on, increasing self esteem, forgiving yourself or someone else, cleansing, unconditional love.

When in doubt as to which direction to turn, face north, because it is the foundation of all things.


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