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Health Tips Increase your stress resistance with adaptogens! Adaptogens are herbal remedies helping the body adapt and manage various physical and emotional stress and help rebalance any dysfunction. These herbs calm nervous or anxious people, improve the mood of those who are depressed and relieve fatigue of those who are tires. They help individuals adapt themselves to the physical or emotional challenges they may face. Here are some of the best known adaptogen herbs: Maca, Panax Ginseng, Rhodiola, Ashwagandha, Siberian Ginseng, Astragalus, Schissandra and some medical mushrooms like Reishi. Consult with our naturopath to find out which adaptogen is best for you! Lifestyle Autumn is our transition from the sweet abundance of summer to the bare darkness of winter. Autumn in general is a good time to cleanse the intestine. Look at your diet and eliminate unsupportive foods. Perhaps follow a simple detox cleanse. If you feel a cold coming on, a good way to “kick it out,” is to open the pores to expel the pathogen. Eating pungent foods, particularly ginger and garlic, will help a person to sweat and cleanse the body. Note, however, that spicy food is a cure, not a prevention. Eat it at the onset of a cold, not as a daily diet during autumn. Autumn in general is a good time to cleanse the intestine. Look at your diet and eliminate unsupportive foods. Perhaps follow a simple detox cleanse. We do have herbal detoxes at Spa Vert. On another level, it might be the perfect time to clean your house, getting rid of what is no longer of value. No one would dream of asking the trees to hold onto their leaves. Yet people will clutter their home to such an extent that they don’t even know how to find the things that are important to them. Steps you can take day to day: • Increase your exercise or any activity that increases breath. Even your daily commute can turn into a workout. Once you get into the habit of deep breathing you can drive along, radio and cell phone off, breathing deeply and paying attention to your driving and your surroundings. • Hydrate — drink lots of water, and wean yourself from dehydrating fluids such as coffee, black tea and alcohol. • Eat foods that are contracting and astringing, as this will match the seasonal change to go inward, eventually leading to winter. Such foods are often sour: pickles, sauerkraut, vinegar, lemons, limes and grapefruit. Other such foods are aduki beans, yogurt, some plums and apples, even rose hip tea. To combat the dryness add, millet, sweet potatoes and yams, seaweeds, almonds, pine nuts, eggs, crab, oyster, mussels, and again apples, persimmons, pears, and loquats. • Set aside time to meditate. This can better come about after eliminating the clutter of too many activities from your calendar. In general, think “less is better.” Let the simple unclutteredness of autumn feed the soul. .
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