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Restore your body to its pre-pregnancy condition and help revive your emotional state in this new stage of your life. Baby welcome!

Let yourself be taken care of, so you may take care of your baby. Postnatal massage focuses on helping to restore your body to its pre-pregnancy condition. It plays an important part in the restoration of the abdominal muscle wall and the uterus to its normal state. It helps to realign the structural tissues to their original pre-pregnancy distribution and tones over-stretched areas of skin. As with all massages, it relieves muscle tension and stress from everyday activities, especially new mothering duties. It not only helps restore your physical body, but also helps to revive your emotional state. It is suggested to schedule sessions during the first 8 weeks post partum. If you do not have a babysitter, you can always bring your baby with you.

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  • Ease lower back pain, sciatica pain as well as aches in neck, shoulders and legs
  • Ease the stress and strain of carrying and caring for your baby
  • Help shrink your uterus and relieve subcutaneous scar tissue
  • Facilitate the healing of bladder disorders, post-episiotomy soreness, and cesarean section
  • Fight off baby blues. Relieve depression, anxiety and nervousness caused by hormone changes

SpaVert Hours

Monday to Friday
   10:00am - 10:00pm

Saturday and Sunday   10:00am - 6:00pm



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