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Skin Therapy

We offer a holistic approach to skin care with the following sessions.

Skin care consultation

A holistic skin care consultation aims to pinpoint the source of the skin irritation or disorder with the goal of healing from the source using a combination of nutritional changes, herbs, natural supplements and cosmetic products. Skin consultations are offered for: eczema and other rashes, acne, cellulite and anti-aging

Rejuvenating skin treatment

Using chroma therapy and gentle alternating suction cups, our rejuvenating skin treatmentl helps with detoxification of of the facial tissue, promoting healthy looking skin. This treatment will nourish your skin by aiding your lymphatic system deliver nutrients and oxygen to your epidermis cells. It does so by flushing out cellular waste, bacteria, as well as toxins from the body, leaving the skin with a smooth healthy glow..

SpaVert Hours

Monday to Saturday   10:00am - 10:00pm

Sunday   10:00am - 9:00pm



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